Halpress iOS Developers

  • 2000: Our company Halpress-Poland is established. We professionally engaged in creating websites /ads, also publishing newspapers.
    Besides we sell hosting and Internet domains.
  • 2003: We throw out all PCs and buy first Apple hardware. Now... our work is very pleasant.
  • 2010: There are ways and means of earning money, but we still make website.
  • Early 2012: We need change...
  • Mid-August 2012: We install xCode. One of us fly info a passion. He creates first App. Second, and even third.
  • 2014: In AppStore are  more than ten our applications. Second of us install Swift. She falls in love with Swift at first sight.
  • 2015: We programme together. That’s our passion. We are Halpress iOS-Dev Team.
  • Our team



    loves Swift, takes photos, has beagle dog, rides classic car, cleanliness



    loves (in the following order): programming, sci-fi movies, whiskey on the rocks, eat

    Now we are ready to implement programs for iOS or work as subcontractors or employees.